Showroom.Car offers a platform for potential car buyers, sellers and enthusiasts to review, buy and advertise vehicles. With the help of our integrated web and mobile app combined with expert content, advertising a vehicle or finding your dream car is no longer a hassle. is not a dealership. Our website and app connect sellers and buyers, allowing them to advertise and search for cars in an all-in-one platform. does not own any of the cars listed on our website and app.
Searching and viewing cars on does not require an account. However, to save favorite car ads and to sell cars, you are required to register an account. Registration is free!
To register, simply click on ‘Register’ from the top-right of’s main page and fill in the required details. You will receive an email with the activation link to activate your account.

For sellers, please see ‘Help for Sellers’ for more information on registration.
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You can change certain personal information by clicking on the ‘Account’ button followed by ‘Profile’. Under profile, you can edit and change:
  • Your mobile number.
  • Your referral link.
Dealers can edit their company profile:
  • Company Website
  • Car Showroom Address
  • Office Address
Once the changes are done, click on ‘Update’ to proceed.
You can change your account password by clicking on the ‘Profile’ tab in your account page. Fill in your current password followed by your new password. Repeat your new password to confirm it and click on ‘Update’.
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