Help for Sellers

To sell your car on, you must first register as a seller, either as a Sales Broker or Dealer.
Alternatively, if you are registered as a Public User, you may upgrade to a Private Seller account by clicking on the ‘Upgrade’ button on the top-right of’s main page. Upgrading to Private Seller is free. However, please note that the Private Seller account limits up to two active listings at a time.

To register, simply click on ‘Register’ from the top-right of’s main page.

The registration box automatically registers you as a Public User, which you can upgrade to a Private Seller in the future. If you would like to register as a Sales Broker or Dealer, click on the respective button at the bottom of the registration box. Fill in all the required fields and click ‘Register’.

An Introducer Code is the ID Code of an existing seller who referred you to If you don’t have an Introducer, leave the field blank.
Each type of seller account has different features. Please view the table below for more information on each seller type.
Bring Up My Post, or BUMP, pushes your car ad to the top of the public listing, enabling more exposure to potential car buyers.
Credits are only available to Sales Brokers and Dealers. You can use Credits to edit and BUMP your car ads.
For Dealers, Credits can also be transferred to Sales Agents to enable them to edit and BUMP car ads.
Once you have successfully registered and activated your seller account, you can start posting your car for sale. Begin by logging in to your account and clicking on ‘Sell Your Car’ at the top-right of the page.

Fill in all the required fields, including images of the car for sale and its Vehicle Ownership Certificate. Once your car ad is complete, click ‘Proceed’.
All car ads will be valid for 90 days. After 90 days, the ad will no longer be displayed in the public car listing.
It is’s advice that you list down all the details of your car for sale and be as in-depth and comprehensive as possible. Your car has a higher chance of being sold if your car ad has thorough and complete information.
Some details that you should pay close attention to are:
  • Basic information of the car, including its condition, make, model, year, assembly, mileage and price.
  • A detailed description, including its best-selling points and features.
  • Good quality photos that showcase all angles of the car. You can also add a video link of your car, if you have any.
  • Your name and contact information
Please ensure that all information provided are relevant to the specific car for sale with clear pricing and offers. You are not allowed to advertise multiple cars in a single ad or create duplicate ads for the same car.
Yes, all car ads that you created can be removed. Click on ‘Car Ads’ in your account and search for the car ad you wish to remove. Please note that this feature is available for Seller accounts only.

Click on the ‘Delete’ button of the car ad. A pop-up box will ask you to confirm the deletion of the car ad. Click on ‘Delete’ to proceed.
Interested buyers can contact you by sending a message through your car ad or by using the contact information you provided in your ad.
Any direct messages, or leads, you receive will appear in the corresponding car ad. In your account, select ‘Car Ads’ and click on the ‘Car Leads’ button at the respective car ad.

All messages you have received for that particular car will appear when you click into the ‘Car Leads’ button. To reply to a buyer, you can call or send a message through the contact details they have provided. connects buyers and sellers but we are not able to guarantee or promise a response from either party. We encourage following up unanswered emails or messages with a phone call.
If you did not receive any response for your car ad, it might mean that your ad needs some editing. You should check that:
  • The information provided is sufficient to attract potential buyers.
  • The car description and specifications are filled in as thoroughly as possible.
  • The quality and number of your car pictures are enough to present an accurate appearance of the car.
  • The price of your car is realistic and clearly stated on the ad.
When finalising a sale, ensure that you have actually received the payment in your bank account before giving the car keys to the buyer.
Yes, you can. To report a car ad, you must first be a registered user. Click on the ‘Report this ad’ link situated at the top-right of the car ad. Enter the details you would like to report about the car and click ‘Report’ to send.
If you have any questions or enquiries, you can reach out to us through our Live Chat, our contact form here or by sending us a message from your account.
To directly chat with our Support, click on Live Chat at the bottom-right of the page.

To send us a message, simply click on ‘Support’ from the top-right of your Dashboard and select ‘Compose’ to send us your message.